Advantages of eating protein bars

Rockhard Supplements – Advantages of eating protein bars


Protein is a nutrient that supports many structures in the human body. Protein can be found in many food sources including eggs, meat, fish and nuts, however, many people choose to consume their daily protein intake through supplements and protein bars. Choosing protein bars as an option, as opposed to eating it in other food sources, has many lifestyle and nutritional benefits.

Meal Replacement:

Many high protein based weight management plans use protein bars to control portion sizes and reduce the intake of calories in a diet. Meal replacement bars generally contain high levels of protein and fibre to aid in keeping you fuller, for longer, as well as combining other essential vitamins and minerals to ensure that a well-balanced nutrition level is maintained to ensure optimum health.


Even though that protein bars are effective for weight management, one cannot simply rely on meal replacements such as protein bars to supply Workout Supplements all of the nutritional value that your body needs that is found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Rather, it should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet, a lower calorie intake and exercise.


Eating protein bars as a snack inbetween meals that reduce overeating and reduce our overall calorie intake for the day. Protein bars most commonly come in indulgent dessert flavours to satisfy the craving of something sweeter while avoiding spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels. If abused over time, blood sugar spikes that are caused by overeating other snacks such as candy and chocolate, can lead to weight gain. If the excess blood sugar from these snacks is not immediately used for energy, it stores itself in the body and turns into fat.

Supporting your workout:

To give your body the best chance to make the most out of your workout, you need to supply your body with the necessary nutrients it needs to grow your muscles and help the recovery process. Eating a protein bar before a workout can supply your body with steady and slow releasing energy during your physical activity. The amino acids that is nnaturally found in protein can provide your body with the necessary building blocks it needs in order to generate new muscle tissue. It aids in the repair of microscopic muscle tears that occur when they are put under strain from working out or lifting heavy weights.



One of the main advantages of protein bars is that they are extremely convenient, especially with the fast paced lifestyles that we all lead. The are small, can be consumed quickly and can be thrown into any bag, pocket or car compartment. These protein bars when used as a meal replacement or snack, provides people with an easy health conscious option who don’t have the time, resources or lack meal planning and preparation. Protein bars also do not require any measurements, mixing utensils or refrigeration, unlike traditional protein powders.



It is important to note you cannot benefit from protein bars if you are not choosing the right ones for your body type and the exercise that partake in. Consuming protein bars that are high in calories as a meal replacement or snack can actually lead to weight gain.
It is also recommended that you avoid protein bars that have a high level of sugar, fat or sodium. Protein bars that have less than 140 milligrams of sodium and use sugar alternatives such as honey or brown rice syrup, are more desirable.
Ensure that you monitor your sugar intake and that the protein bars that you are consuming do not take up a significant amount of your daily intake.

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