Download Onekey Ghost Create and extract morrison a pardon

OneKey Ghost is an enormously practical and necessary free software application utility, based on any powerful but discontinued Symantec Norton Ghost .x very similar to its Windows computer GUI. With which your corporation can backup and recovery any partition especially to receive the OS partition alternatively the whole hard storage under x x . WinPE, DOS, with now oneclick, and all one particular other things is guaranteed. OneKey Ghost supports hard fire installation from ISO file, CDDVD or GHO hard drive image file in some USB flash disk; allows multidrive, hybrid hard routines IDE SATA SCSI, recorded partitions FAT FAT NTFSexFAT, not assigned drive article partition, drive letter confusion, hidden partition and staggered nonWindows partition; supports multisystem and the situation connected Windows was not can be found in the first partition belonging to the first hard disk.

Moreover, it can also detect any hidden partition of the PC brands, and more! Just remember, be aware of the employment of OneKey Ghost, you are going to feel as if you would found out some receive. download onekey ghost Features The default core of Ghost might be . . , Cat versions can be specific The program will perform Backup & Restore function to the partition for this current system by default, but you can settle upon other partitions The course is portable and nonspyware, and will not put any temporary files somewhere When backup, you can come up the compression method, get a new size of Subvolumes, along with the default options are Immediate & No Split when restore, if you examine the Ghost , it become prompted whether to examine the integrity of the GHO mirror You can crawl the existing GHO, ISO image files in weight loss program disk according to the main conditions, and it is capable of supporting drag and drop when restore, you can neglect the CRC checksum of a Ghost image file This can be used program to undo former operations Support directly utilizing the Ghost to clone specific partition under Windows, WinPE In the address strip dropdown box of the most important Ghost image file, obtain manually enter a personalized path to the icon file In the application options, you can group the default created Blurry directory whether deformity & hidden, and you also set the last partition to hide or confirm

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